How to Prevent Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time

As a proud homeowner, there is no question that you have invested a lot in the appearance of your hardwood floor. You have done everything in your power to prevent stains, spills and environmental damage from occurring on the floor. However, sun damage can be one of the most insidious and daunting issues you might encounter. Luckily, there are steps you can take to mitigate this type of damage. Consider these strategies:


Give your hardwood floors as much shade as possible


Your main goal is to keep harmful UV rays from constantly hitting your hardwood floor. One way to do this would be by keeping the sun’s rays away from it as much as possible. Consider installing some shades or curtain on your windows, especially if they are large.

Move around your furniture and accessories on a regular basis


It might seem a bit counterproductive, but moving around your household can actually help your hardwood floor in the long-run. This is because moving your items around can help your floor alternate between being covered up and being exposed. Moreover, moving things around also gives you a better chance of noticing areas that have experienced fading simply because they have been covered up for a long period.


Invest in a floor polish with UV protection


There are many wood floor polishes on the market today, but the best ones will provide UV protection. These types of floor polishes will help your hardwood last longer and be more resistant to fading over a much longer time period.


Consider the services of a hardwood floor restoration company


If you think your floor might already be too far gone, you might enlist the services of an experienced professional from a hardwood floor restoration company such as FloorPros. They will not only give you an estimate, but they also can give you tips for the proper maintenance of your floor in the years to come.

Keeping these tips will be sure to help you enjoy your hardwood floor for generations to come!

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